Originating from South Australia, Dairy Vale cheeses are aged to perfection. The cheeses are dense, yet easy to slice, shred and melt making them perfect for all occasions.

The clean environment and fertile green pastures of Australia help add to the delicious gourmet taste of the cheeses, made from fresh farm milk. The sharp and unique taste of Dairy Vale can bring any dish to life.


Vintage Cheddar - 1 Year

Aged for over 1 year, this cheddar is mildly sharp, yet flavorful with a nutty finish. Melt over steamed broccoli or add to an omelet.


Vintage Reserve Cheddar - 3 Year


Aged for over 3 years with a deep, full, sharp flavor and creamy texture. It's the perfect snacking cheese with red wine and nuts.


Dairy Vale


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